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— Dinner Menu —


Apps & Small Plates

Grilled Raddichio Salad - watercress, blue cheese, walnuts, honey vinaigrette 11

Caesar Salad - little gem lettuce, croutons, house caesar dressing, shaved grana padano 9

Fennel Basil Bisque - crouton, grana padano 8

Fried Brussels and Cheddar Fondue - poached cranberries, stout pickled onions, brown sugar almonds 10

PEI Mussels - harissa butter, white wine, citrus coriander creme frache, pickled chilis  13

Baked Ricotta di Bufala Dip - grana padano, garlic cream, fennel mustard seed relish, brioche crostini 9

Bread, Butter, & Cheese - griddled house bread, soft butter, house pickles, choice of one cheese 6

Charcuterie Plate - house coppa, bacon jam, & pickles, served with crostini 9

Pub Fare

all sandwiches served w/ choice of side

Public House Fries - fines herbes, beef fat mayo  8 add chili & cheese +4 ]

Southern Fried Pickles- buttermilk soaked house made dill pickles, spicy siracha aioli 7

Duck Fat Wings - choice of Buffalo, Fresno Chili Glaze, Umami Dry Rub, or Fargo Flame #1 served with seasonal raw vegetables - choice of house ranch or blue cheese  12

Public House Burger - 7oz Roseda patty, tomato jam, pickled red onion, little gem lettuce, beef fat mayo, Amish cheddar, brioche bun  13 [ add house smoked pork belly  +3 ]

Impossible Burger - vegan patty, tomato jam, pickled red onion, little gem lettuce, vegan mayo, kaiser roll 12 [ add Amish cheddar +1 ]

Chili Cheese Dog - Manger’s Half Smoke, Lanphear Chili, Pickled Cucumber, Vidalia Onion, Cheddar Cheese, Dijon Mustard, Split Top Bun 9

Country Fried Chicken Sandwich - sweet & spicy chili mayo, Napa cabbage, lime vinaigrette, pickled chilis, brioche bun 12

Beer Battered Catfish Sandwich - celery root & caper slaw, watercress, Bocillo bread 13

Pressed Vegetable Torta - grilled celery root, squash and pumpkin seed spread, chipotle romesco, house mozzarella, pickled onions, watercress, Bocillo bread  11


Smoked Paprika Spaetzle - grilled portobello, poblano peppers, black garlic vinaigrette, grana padano 16

Fish & Chips - beer battered North Atlantic cod, tarter sauce, lemon wedge, house fries 16

Olive Oil & Garlic Marinated NY Strip - crispy fingerling potatoes, charred onion demi-glacé, wilted mustard greens  28

Sides - House Salad 4 / Local Veggies 4 / Fried Brussels 4


Please inform the staff of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

 — Brunch Menu —

Brunch is available Sat 11a-3:30p and Sun 10:30a-3p.


Fried Brussels - Amish cheddar fondue, poached cranberries, IPA pickled onions, brown sugar almonds 10

Burrata & House Coppa - watercress pesto, tomato jam, poached egg, toasted ciabatta 12

White Bean Soup - crispy kale 7

Beazly Steamed Mussels - smoked squash broth, pickled chilis, fennel, shallots, garlic butter 14

Duck Fat Wings - choice of Buffalo, Fresno Chili Glaze, Umami Dry Rub, or Single Tear Batch #6 & served with seasonal marinated vegetables with choice of house ranch of blue cheese 12

Biscuits & Jam - cranberry jam, maple butter 6

Sides - crispy fingerlings 4 / fried brussel sprouts 4 / local veggies 4 / sausage gravy 4 / kielbasa 4 / roll bacon 4 / sausage links 4 / Canadian bacon 4 / scrapple 4 / garlic grits 4 / toast 2 / eggs any style 3


Breakfast Burger - tomato jam, pickled onion, little gem lettuce, beef fat mayo, Amish cheddar, fried egg, brioche bun 13 [add house bacon +4 / make it vegan 12 ]

Buttermilk Biscuit Sammie - Amish cheddar, fried egg, choice of kielbasa, roll bacon, house bacon, sausage links, sausage gravy, Canadian bacon, or scrapple & crispy fingerlings 10

Breakfast Burrito - roasted peppers, pickled onions, white beans, habanero cheddar, salsa verde, scrambled eggs, crispy fingerlings 9

Crab Cake Sandwich - lump crab meat, little gem lettuce, Thai mayo, pickled onion 13


Salmon Toast - ricotta, watercress, red onion, capers, sunny egg 10

Roll Bacon Benedict - house biscuit, fresno chili glaze, fresno hollandaise, wilted greens, slow eggs 13

Country Fried Steak - cheddar grits, sausage gravy 13

Dry Aged Roseda Farms Steak & Eggs - fresno hollandaise, charred sweet onions, garlic grits, eggs any style 18

Vegetable Scramble - local mushrooms, confit fingerlings, broccoli, cheddar fondue, eggs any style 12

PPH Breakfast - eggs any style, toast, crispy fingerlings, choice of kielbasa, roll bacon, house bacon, Canadian bacon, sausage links, or scrapple 9

PPH French Toast - house ciabatta, whipped cream, cranberry jam, maple syrup 11

Executive Chef Scott Lanphear

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